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"Employees tend to live up to their managers expectations of them.  If a managers expectations are high, productivity is likely to be excellent."  Unknown

Dealing with employee issues can be difficult.  Using solid management principles, common sense, and effective communication, HR Now can help you with even the most challenging employee situation. 

Something to ponder... According to Gallup polls, employees expect feedback on progress every six months and recognition every 7 days!


Focused on a goal of improved performance, HR Now will help you create a plan that allows employees improve poor behavior or performance.  We’ll walk you through the process, the documentation, and the steps to corrective action.

Performance Management

HR Now design and create a model of performance management that works for your business, and fits within the culture of your group.  Competency focused and job related, effective performance management heightens productivity, empowers employees, and reduces bottom line turnover expenses.

Recognition Programming

According to the Gallup survey, employees need recognition every 7 days.  Using small but meaningful rewards, you can positively impact the mood of your organization.  Let us show you a proven method that shares the responsibility of recognition and improves the health and attitude at work.

Workforce Planning: Expansion or Reduction

Employees are our most valuable assets and the highest cost of many organizations.  HR Now can strategically guide you through any tough reduction situation, or prepare your business for upswings in business cycles or economic conditions. 

Advisory Services

Professional advice before taking employment action is always a safe bet. Call us when an issue arises, and let us talk you through your options.