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 "...by the time you realize you're in trouble, it's too late to save yourself."  Bill Gates

HR Now helps employers understand how laws affect their workforce.  Customized solutions establish sound policies, communication with staff, supervisory training, policy design and ongoing support to assure compliance, even if the law changes.


Something to ponder... The average cost to settle an ADA claim is over $60,000!

Employee Handbooks

Update your current handbook with recently changed regulations, or get a fresh start by creating a handbook.   All policies reflect the individuality of your business, and are tailored to meet your exact needs.  Handbook package includes policy creation and review*, as well as training for supervisors on how to apply the policies.  Also includes 12 months of updates, should legal requirements change. 


Minnesota law requires regular training of both employees and supervisors on illegal harassment.  Package includes a policy review and training for all employees and supervisors on their roles and responsibilities under the law.  Services include policy review, training session for managers and information session for employees.


Federal law prohibits illegal discrimination.  Minnesota law has special provisions.   Alignment of your policy to federal and Minnesota law, and train your managers on the applicability of the law.  Services include policy review and training session for managers.

New Hire Paperwork

MN New Hire Reporting set up, complete I-9 audit, systemic recommendations, and implementation of E-verify for employment eligibility.  

Ongoing Support

HR Now provides "on-demand" HR support.  Call with your questions or issues as they arise!